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Conversio ensures confidentiality of translated materials, regardless of whether there is a written agreement between us and the beneficiary.

There are cases which may lead to information leakage, but we WARRANTY YOU that all your documents shall be carefully supervised to keep the integrity and security of any kind of information: business, transactions, banking data, personal data, etc.

For the works requiring a high degree of informational security: legal agreements, patents, internal commercial literature, etc., specific agreements may be concluded both with the beneficiary and with the translators involved in the translation of documents.

The legal documents differ from a legislative system to another, depending on the target country.Some states have specific legal guides regarding agreements, text formatting, etc, that we always take into account. Our translators are experts in such legislative nuances and shall pay the required attention to each project in part.

Our translators are responsible for the informational integrity, observing the confidentiality terms specific to corporate or commercial literature. For us, the security of your documents is the most important aspect that we bear in mind during the translation process.

We do not allow the access of any person to the information presented in your materials.We do not keep copies of the documents or folders after the completion of the translation service.Your information shall only be released with the express consent of the beneficiary.

In the case of investigations of the police bodies, our consultant shall provide the requested information only after presentation of a court order.