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Related services for Conversio translations

Conversio offers you a dedicated team of experts, solving thus, in an optimum amount of time your business requirements, which also imply, in addition to translation services of any type of documents, related services, such as:

  • Notary legalization
  • Professional DTP localization
  • Collation /proofreading – editing services
  • Supra-legalization /apostille applied to documents
  • International legal consultancy

Notary legalization

Notary legalization may be effected only for the translations made by our translations certified by the Ministry of Justice. This service is supplied free of charge by our company, and the notary public fee shall be paid separately.

Professional DTP localization

Our professional DTP team is available for graphic localization of your documents: texts, images with explanatory texts, tables, graphics, aiming to keep the format in which the original document was received.
The project managers involved in the coordination of the graphic localization of the documents makes sure of the integrity of your product, identifying and aiming at the correct solving of each linguistic or cultural problem which may occur during the graphic formatting of the text: specific punctuation, accents, etc.
Conversio has a strong experience in the graphic localization of any type of documents in compliance with the original format, including:

  • FrameMaker
  • PageMaker
  • Quark
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Collation /proofreading

The professional translation process automatically involves services of proofreading: editing and revision of manuscripts, documents, websites from the grammatical standpoint and as regards punctuation. We supply proofreading services inclusively to software companies, making sure that the translation is appropriate not only to the original document, but also to the context in which such is issued.

The rates charged for this service is usually of 50% of the value of the regular rate for a translation. If the received translation includes a lot of errors, which would involve major changes to the texts, we recommend that a new translation is made by our certified translations.

International legal consultancy

Conversio offers you complex international legal consultancy services, which largely exceed the framework of a simple translation office.
With our company, you can benefit from a strong prior experience, legal counsels and lawyers activating in the specialized consultancy departments for:

  • Establishment of international companies
  • Equivalence/recognition of education diplomas abroad
  • Emigration and family reunification

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