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The localization process

The localization of a website or software product

is a complex process requiring the expertise of knowledgeable translators, as well a technical team with significant experience in the correct assessment of work steps:

1. Analysis and assessment

We help you assess correctly the scale, complexity degree and length of your project at competitive rates. We prioritize work in order to increase effectiveness in time of completion and delivery of the product.

Our team of technical experts and project managers assess the technologies and development methods to be used for the product localization. Defining the methodology of translation for each specific product is essential, so as to increase efficiency of main outputs, high quality and short completion time.

2. Localization

After the resources of texts and images or other material to be translated are extracted from the document, the team of project managers controls the process and monitors the performance schedule in close collaboration with the team of translators of the language in which the localization is made.
The use of specialized translation and editing applications based on terminological memory ensures the localization consistency and quality.

3. Reporting

At your request, the project managers carefully monitoring the work steps can keep you informed on the development of the localization process for your website or software product.

4. Checking the project quality

We survey step by step the localization quality level: if the translation is accurate, if cultural adaptation is performed according to the specific norms of the target audience, if the product is functional and if the graphical layout corresponds to the original one.

5. Completion and feedback

The final product has been delivered by the localization team. We are looking forward for you to telling us your opinion! Has the job been properly done? Are there any aspects that have not been reached? Are you happy with the results or would you have preferred a different approach?Your opinion is very important to us so that we can constantly improve our services according to your needs and expectations.