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Romanian software translation and localization

One of the key interest areas for our customers developing software products is extension to Romanian markets.

Our Romanian software translation and localization services consist of adjusting a software product in order to include support according to all the Romanian cultural norms, at the same time preserving the specific features in the source language.

We combine the latest technologies in the field with the use of applications that have been customized by our Romanian technical experts.

We assess, extract and reintegrate all the types of elements that can be translated of any software product/service:

- script components (Javascript, PhP, Perl, Asp, databases, etc), adapted to and harmonized with the final product;
- page formatting style in accordance with the original graphical structure, requirements of search engines as well as ranking of search-query results.

The Romanian software localization process we deliver covers a wide range of products and technologies such as:

- Static webpages: HTML, Flash, JavaScript etc.
- Web applications: ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, Java
- Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
- Desktop applications with source code included or in binary format C++, .Net, Java, Delphi
- Mobile applications: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java J2ME, .Net Compact framework
- Resource files in various formats

For any other applications and technologies Conversio Romanian experts offer technical and consultancy solutions so as to increase effectiveness of our customers’ localization projects.