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Romanian translation process by Conversio

Each Romanian translation is performed according to the client’s specific request. Regardless of the Romanian translation field business, technical or legal translation, Romanian project managers at Conversio follow 4 important performance steps in order to ensure the Romanian translation accuracy and high quality, as well as compliance with the deadline allocated to the project.

The 4-step Romanian translation - the solution fitting your needs best

1. Document analysis and quote

Documents sent via e-mail, fax or any other means are carefully analyzed by Romanian translators, who establish the complexity degree according to the language, field or number of words. Within maximum one business day we can supply information on the project completion duration and rates.

2. Romanian translation of documents

We assign the documents to one or several Romanian translators that are specialized in the client’s key interest field: business, technical, legal, permanently monitoring the stage of the project.

3. Documents checking, proofreading and editing

The translated documents are carefully revised and edited by a project manager on a higher level of quality, accuracy and specific style. At client’s request, complex formatting can be applied by our associated service: DTP professional.

Delivery of documents at the time agreed upon

Documents are ready to be delivered in the format and form requested by client.