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Romanian translations - domains for Romanian translations

Conversio team is responsible to supply high quality translation services for any type of documents:

Romanian Commercial translations

The Romanian translations of commercial documents require a specific adaptation using an appropriate terminology to the Romanian language and cultural context : symbols, idioms, etc.The original message has to cover not only the technical meaning, but also the emotional impact. This requires competent Romanian translators, specialized in the field of expertise and in linguistic problems to create an efficient message.

With a solid experience in Romanian corporate translations, Conversio can help you efficiently communicate with your Romanian partners and clients.

Usually, when we say Romanian commercial translations, we say:

  • business correspondence and international marketing campaigns,
  • advertising campaigns,
  • presentations,
  • press releases,
  • annual reports,
  • leaflets,
  • human resources manuals,
  • industrial surveys,
  • memos,
  • email campaigns,
  • flyers
  • website (see website localization).

Romanian technical and scientific translations

Conversio has a team of permanent Romanian translators, experts in the following fields: engineering, information technology, science and medical. We can translate documents specific to any technical or scientific field:

  • medical,
  • industrial,
  • mechanical,
  • chemistry,
  • environment,
  • civil engineering,
  • constructions,
  • marine,
  • telecommunications, etc.

Romanian Medical translations

Clear and coherent Romanian translations are vital in the medical field; Conversio provides its clients with experts with specific experience in this area, covering various types of Romanian translations:

  • medical records,
  • information on the patients,
  • manuals for medical equipment,
  • medical software,
  • documentation,
  • insurance documents,
  • promotional materials.

Romanian Legal translations

Conversio invested in a team of translation experts, currently having a solid experience in Romanian translations of legal documents.

Not only do our experts translate from the source language in the Romanian language, but they also translate from a legal system into another. This is of particular importance for the correct understanding of the terms of the respective document.

Here are some examples of documents which may benefit from competent Romanian translations through Conversio Network™:

  • testimonies,
  • hearings,
  • litigation,
  • decisions,
  • evidence documents,
  • contracts,
  • patents, etc.

Upon request, we may also supply associated specific services: authorizations of documents, legalizations, application of apostille, etc.




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