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Romanian translators - Conversio™ interpreting services

Conversio™ provides you with interpreting services complying with the European standards for the business environment into and from most of the internationally spoken languages, performed by qualified Romanian translators.

The quality of the reception of your message by the target audience is ensured by state of the art equipments and technology, and such quality is guaranteed by the European ISO standards.

The essence of business communication
Quality assured Romanian translators

Communication is fundamental for business meetings or conferences in which you participate. Make sure that your message is received by each of the attendants in a fluent and accurate manner!

Simultaneous Interpreting by Romanian translators

Are you organizing a conference or a business presentation and you need specialized interpreting? Choose the best option for your event:

  • Headphone simultaneous interpreting
    It is appropriate for a numerous audience speaking different languages; it requires specific technical equipment: both for interprets - Romanian translators, microphones, headphones.
  • Simultaneous interpreting of the whispering / chouchotage kind
    For the cases in which there is only one listener, the interpreter will translate the discourse to him/her by whispering in his/her ear.

Consecutive Interpreting by Romanian translators

Do you need Romanian translators for a business discussion?
The interpreter will translate for the interlocutor or for a limited group of persons, alternating with the speaker, and will convey the original discourse in an accurate and clear manner.

Technical Interpreting by Romanian translators

Do you want to safely communicate the exact terms of your business?
Our Romanian translators will successfully translate a discussion requiring detailed knowledge of various business terminologies: commercial, technical, legal, at the same time ensuring the confidentiality of the conveyed information.

Phone Interpreting by Romanian translators

Your client is in a foreign country and you urgently need real time interpreting ?
We have state of the art technology and Romanian translators and interprets specialized in various business fields to ensure an exceptional quality of the clear reception of your messages by the clients or discussion partners in different locations.

Online support

Do you want to rapidly communicate with your partners?
We provide real time interpreting services, for translations of business correspondence, e-mails and alert messages, performed online


1. The efficient communication of your messages to the target audience is performed by Romanian translators having excellent knowledge of the languages of the translation, solid multi-linguistic experience in various business fields, and exceptional listening, analysis and summarizing skills.

2. Conversio™ recommends you the kind of interpreting that fits the event in which you participate:

  • business meetings
  • conferences
  • seminars, plenary meetings, workshops
  • details
  • negotiations
  • auctions
  • focus groups
  • job interviews 
  • various social events

Our services are managed by Romanian project managers who can coordinate the entire interpreting process in different situations:

  • consultancy for the planning and logistics of the interpreting service
  • solutions for delegations formed of 2 or several persons
  • proactive coordination of the interpreters team

For all the interpreting services we may organize, upon request, one or several briefing day during which the interpreter will have direct contact with the used terminology or will receive materials with regard to the respective event in order to better understand the topics of the event.

The best option for business communication: Romanian translators you can trust!


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