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Romanian Website translation and localization

Romanian website translation and localization at Best prices!

Conversio Romanian translators and web designers are ready anytime to operate with complex requirements of Romanian website translation and localization.
Our Romanian experts analyze your existing website in place and identify the areas which require adjustments, according to the expectations of the Romanian audience.

Points of reference for Romanian website translation and localization

Technical and cultural issues

When designing a web or software product one should consider the important issues and necessary adjustments so as the product should meet the requirements on the targeted markets.

Local issues

Local conventions in the targeted area will be taken into account.

Date and time

The form of writing the date and time will be settled. Usually Americans prefer to indicate the date as “month-day-year”, whereas Asian cultures use the rule “day-month -year”.

Measurement systems

The measurement system will comply with the region it emerges from (e.g.: the Royal British measurement system).

Numbers formatting and currency

Dot, space or comma will be used for indicating thousand units. Symbols of currency will be adapted according to the target country.


Content will be adapted to the linguistic requirements of the areas the website addresses, including spelling, special signs etc

Communication style

will be according to the standards of the target audience

Graphical components

will be adapted to the specific features of the target language and its standards (e.g.:specific colors).

Emails, feedback forms and alert type messages

will be translated in real time by our online localization service.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

will be performed appropriate alternation of targeted key words and sentences and by checking of pages in order to confirm the accuracy of configuring the language identification and characters used.

Sorting and searching

in East-European languages, texts are represented with symbols and special characters, that is why sorting and searching are much more difficult than the same operations in English, for instance.

Sets of characters

Asian languages do not use only the alphabet system, but also pictographic representations of words (hieroglyphs or ideographs). There can be certain problems as many software applications are designed so as to support single-byte character encoding, whereas Asian characters require 2 or 3 byte- characters encoding.


Romanian website translation and localization