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Terms and conditions of use

The website will be hereinafter named "the site".


Copyright © 2003-2006 CONSULTIA GRUP SRL.
All rights reserved, according to Law no. 18/1996 regarding copyright.

The whole content of the site, no matter its features (text, images, graphic elements, software and other similar elements), is the exclusive property of SC CONSULTIA GRUP SRL. Content of this site cannot be reproduced, modified, transferred, distributed, republished, copied or transmitted in any other form, including but not limited to its electronic format, without the written consent of SC CONSULTIA GRUP SRL.

Trade marks

"Conversio" trade mark, no matter its form appearing within the site, related logos and symbols as well as its combination with any word or graphic symbol, used in this site, are trade marks registered by SC CONSULTIA GRUP SRL. They can be used only with the previous consent of SC Consultia Grup SRL and only in relation with products or services provided by SC Consultia Grup SRL. Using other trade marks displayed within the site is allowed only with the previous consent of their owners.


If using the site, it means you agree that SC Consultia Grup SRL register and store information on you, with your previous consent and use it in order to extend our collaboration in optimal conditions and to promote the services provided by SC Consultia Grup SRL. This information, but not your identification data (name, address, email and phone number), can be shared with third parties with the purpose to identify improvement solutions for the services provided by SC Consultia Grup SRL (statistical studies, market studies, etc.). All this is valid apart from the cases when revealing your identity is necessary in order to respect and apply the Law.

Personal information usage

Information on you can be used by SC Consultia Grup SRL only for selling the products and the services it provides, as for example:
a. processing your orders and requests.
b. services and products offer
c. invoicing
d. solving your requests, questions and complaints.
e. market and product studies, and marketing procedures for the products and services provided by SC Consultia Grup SRL and for the services provided by their providers and partners.
f. contacting you by mail or by any other means, in relation with the products provided by SC Consultia Grup SRL or with the products offered by providers or partners of SC Consultia Grup SRL which, in our opinion, might interest you.
g. your registration, in order to give you discounts, bonuses and credits, etc.

Limitation of liability

SC Consultia Grup SRL and its providers/partners are not responsible for any kind of damages, no matter their cause, as a result of/during the use of the site and of the services it offers or as a consequence of the impossibility to use it.  Although all efforts are being made in this direction, SC Consultia Grup SRL does not warrant that the site and the server will not fail to function or give errors, or that the use of the site lacks any risk (viruses, other elements or activities that could provoke damages, specific to the Internet and to the digital technologies, including the violation of the information security), that the information provided within the site is updated and up-to-date.
SC CONSULTIA GRUP SRL is not responsible in any way for the unauthorized use of the information within this site, without having previously consulted our consultants. Some information may not be updated or in force anymore, as a result of the ulterior legislative changes.

Site use

During the site and its services use, the user undertakes to respect the law in force and not to perform activities of cracking or hacking type or other similar ones, that might endanger the good functioning of the site, of the server or of the information security,  etc; he undertakes not to modify, copy, distribute or sell any sort of information or services he obtained from the site; he undertakes to support any additional charges related to the use of this site, such as those requested by the telephony and internet providers.


SC Consultia Grup SRL reserves its rights to modify the current terms and conditions, without a previous notification. Changes will be displayed on this page and will become effective immediately. Using this site after having performed these changes consequently means that you agree with them.
For any complaints regarding the illegal reproduction of the information within this site, you can contact us at the phone numbers 021 337 00 00 or 0730 50 40 50 or by email at

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